Star Wars: Frames - Book Trailer (

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We haven’t done a lot of book news lately here on Mania. With the Holiday Season almost upon us, I thought you Maniacs would like to check out the latest Star Wars book that has arrived. All the details are below as well as video clip on this amazing book. 
Press Release: Get an inside look at the making of Star Wars: Frames, a new two-volume box set release from Abrams, featuring individual frames -- selected by George Lucas himself -- from every Star Wars film. According to Lucasfilm's Howard Roffman, Lucas had the idea to look at the Star Wars films one frame at a time, an idea that evolved into this collection. Indeed, Lucas went through every film, selecting iconic shots but also including some unexpected imagery. Taken together, these books present the Star Wars story in an entirely new, beautiful way. Lucasfilm executive editor J.W. Rinzler calls Star Wars: Frames "a truly unique work of craftsmanship and an essential part of the Star Wars saga."


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