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By:Tim Janson
Review Date: Monday, October 28, 2013

‘tis the season for horror and that means new horror-themed toys!  In the first of our two-part coverage of toys for the Halloween holiday were going to take a look at Series 4 of The Walking Dead and Series 1 Assassin’s Creed, both from McFarlane Toys, Series 3 Munsters figures from Diamond Select, and series 4 Nightmare on Elm Street figures from NECA.
The Walking Dead Series 4
McFarlane Toys
Grade: A-
The fourth series of The Walking Dead figures (based on the TV show) features Riot Gear Zombie, Riot Gear Gas Mask Zombie, Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, Andrea, and…The Governor!  
Rick Grimes comes dressed in white t-shirt, caked in blood and dirt, blue jeans and his cowboy boots.  Rick features and extra set of hands for holding either his rifle, or the zombie snagging pole and lasso.  Alsos comes with his revolver.  Rick is a Walmart Exclusive!  Carl comes with 22 pts of articulation.  He is outfitted in t-shirt, blue long-sleeved shirt, vest, jeans, and Rick’s cowboy hat.  Carl’s accessories include knife with sheath, prison medical bag, and prison keys.
Andrea is wearing a black under shirt, white long sleeved shirt and black pants.  She has her curly blond tied up in the back as normal in the show.  Andrea has 22 points of articulation and comes with removable vest, pistol with leg holster, sniper rifle, and pitchfork.  The Governor is, of course, the most welcome addition to this series.  He comes dressed in shirt with his padded vest and pants.  He features a pistol with hip holster, hunting knife with sheath, and large knife.  He also comes with an alternate head without eye patch (prior to losing his eye).  He also has 22 points of articulation.
The Riot Gear zombie is dressed in body armor from head to toe complete with helmet and face shield.  The outfit is magnificently detailed with all the little snaps, straps, buckles, and armor pads. His face shield flips up to reveal his rotted face which has Maggie’s knife embedded into it.  The Riot Gear Gas Mask Zombie is not the exact same as the Riot Gear Zombie (well he is from the next down) but at least McFarlane didn’t just put a gas mask on this one to make it different.   The head has a completely different sculpt with the entire front part of his face ripped away.  He comes with an alternate head which is actually wearing the gas mask.
Overall this is a fine new series of The Walking Dead.  The likenesses of the characters are absolutely spot on!  The Governor was the one figure that this series had to have.  However rather than two so similar zombie figures a different model would have been nice.  And where is Glenn?  Maggie?  How about a Herschel figure?
Assassin’s Creed Series 1 Figures
(McFarlane Toys)
Grade: B+
McFarlane is combining action figures with videogames for their initial Assassin’s Creed series.  Each of the five figures comes with a different code to unlock exclusive content in Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, the latest game in the series.
Connor comes in two varieties: the standard figure and the exclusive New York Outfit version.  The standard Connor wears a hooded coat that is a light grey with black trim and highlights.  The New York outfit is a repaint that has a black coat with red trim.  The New York version is definitely the cooler one of the bunch.  I love the details of the eyes which you have to look up under the hood to see.  Kudos for McFarlane for just a small but elegant touch.  Both figures come with bow, hatchet, quiver of arrows, and two flintlock pistols and a whopping 27 points of articulation.
Edward Kenway is Connor’s grandfather, the renowned pirate (bottom right).  Kenway is decked out in dress similar to Connor’s with the hooded coat but also adds traditional Pirate-style attire like the waist sash, and folded over leather boots.  His forearms and shoulders are protected by leather armor bands and pads.  Like Connor he has 27 points of articulation and comes with two rapiers, two long and two short daggers.
Hantham Kenway is a master assassin and the father of Ratonhnhaké:ton, whom he fathered with a Native American woman.  This is by far the most elegantly attired figure in the lot (top left).  Hantham wears a cloak that is tied with a gold chain, a blue overcoat with gold buttons, tri-corner hat, and boots with gold buckles.  He has 25 points of articulation and comes with flintlock pistol and rapier.  The long coat is a little restrictive in terms of upper leg movement, but that is offset by the sheer beauty of the figure.
Ratonhnhaké:ton is the Native American name of Connor, the half Indian and half British son of Hanthem Kenway.  He is dressed in Native American garb which makes him standout from the rest of the figures in the series.  He wears a fox skin head piece and other animal pelts.  He is tattooed on his arms and ribs with tribal symbols and has leather forearm pads and pants.  Like Connor he comes with bow, quicer of arrows, hatchet, and pair of pistols.
NECA Nightmare on Elm Street Series 4
Grade: B
NECA has not one but two new Freddy Krueger’s for you.  These two new figures in the line are from “Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare”.  Powerglove Freddy features Freddy with the souped up glove seen in the film.  The Glove comes with circuits, switches and control knobs, all the better for him to kill his victims with!  He’s not the most articulated figure in the world but it’s also not like Freddy needs to be especially posable.  He’s well-jointed at his shoulders, elbows, and wrists.  Freddy is decked in his usual red and greed striped sweater and his fire-scarred face looks appropriately gruesome.  Freddy comes with a removable hat.
Freddy number two is known as “Fred Krueger: The Springwood Slasher”.  Here we get a Freddy Krueger before he is burned alive.  This figure bears an uncanny resemblance to star Robert Englund.  This Freddy comes with his old style glove and removable hat.  Side-by-side these two figures make for a great before and after comparison.  But the one issue I have to note is that the two figures are exactly the same except for the head and the glove. Other than that the molds are the same.  Would have been cool to see something a little more unique in the two figures.
Munsters Series 3
Diamond Select
Grade: A-
I have been a Munsters fan ever since I was a wee lad.  I’m too young to remember the show in first run but their reruns were an after school staple for years.  The Munsters was one of the first shows…even before Batman…to capitalize on mass-merchandising efforts and those continue today as the Munsters remains incredibly popular.  This series of figures is actually based on the episode entitled “Hotrod Herman”.  It features Herman competing in an auto a customized hotrod created by George Barris who also designed the 1960’s Batmobile.  This set of figures also features a chase aspect as each of the four figures comes with a piece of the Munsters staircase along with pet dragon, Spot.  
Hotrod Herman features Herman in a studded leather jacket, and comes with his racing cap and goggles.  The upper half of the figure features incredible detail.  The silver studs, buckles, and zippers perfectly contrast the black of the leather jacket.  Herman has a sly smile on his face and I love the fact that his green hands have black around his nail cuticles.  His jacket, at least the torso portion is made of a softer pliable rubber as opposed to harder plastic.  He features 15 points of articulation.  
Raceway Lily features Lily in her usual flowing gown and sash tie.  Lily has full red lips and her signature white streak in her long black hair.  Her fingernails are also painted black.  Lily’s shroud wings and bottom of her dress are made of the same soft rubber as Herman’s jacket.  Lily has 13 points of articulation.  She comes with a tasseled umbrella so she can enjoy the race and a chunk of road along with the portion of the stairway that features the two gargoyle-topped Newel posts.  Decent likeness of actress Yvonne DeCarlo although maybe a bit young looking.
Hotrod Grandpa has a fantastic likeness of actor Al Lewis from his bushy, upturned eyebrows to his long, pointy nose.  Grandpa is decked out in a long white, button-down trench coat, black pants, and long brown gloves.  He comes with racing goggles, chunk of road, and an interchangeable right hand which holds his cigar.  Grandpa has 13 points of articulation.
Uncle Gilbert is based upon the Creature of the Black Lagoon, whom Munsters Makeup supervisor Bud Westmore helped create for the film.  Uncle Gilbert wears a thigh-length overcoat with white racing scarf.  He has green, webbed feet and hands that end in razor-sharp claws.  In particular he has fantastic detail in his face with his fish eyes and gills.  Uncle Gilbert comes with removable fedora.
I have loved every Munsters series that Diamond Select has produced and it’s hard to pick a favorite but coming with the Munster’s stairway with Spot, truly makes this latest series standout.  This is awesome display when fully assembled!
The Phantom of the Opera
Diamond Select
Grade: A
There is little doubt that one of the greatest scenes from the silent film era—or any era of that matter—when actress Mary Philbin sneaks up behind the Phantom and tears his mask off, revealing his hideously deformed face.  Star Lon Chaney created his own makeup for the role and it has gone down in horror history as one of the most famous ever developed.  The terror of the Paris Opera House is the subject of this latest release in the Universal Monsters series from Diamond Select.  
Chaney’s macabre makeup effects are perfectly captured by Diamond in this incredible new release.  The Phantom is dapper in his tuxedo complete with coat with tails, vest, pants, white shirt, and bowtie.  But it is that face which captures your eye!  The eyes are sunken and blackend, the hairline recedes revealing the high forehead, the nose is upturned and gives the appearance of a skull, and the mouth is twisted into a garish grin with misshapen teeth.  The figure includes the phantom’s grand organ, Don Juan Triumphant book, interchangeable right hand, and base.  He comes with points of articulation.  The Universal Monsters has been one of the best figure series for several years now and this is a fantastic addition.


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