Star Wars Rebels and Clone Wars Update (

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Friday, December 20, 2013

Star has posted their final Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5 interview with supervising director Dave Filoni. In that interview Filoni discusses ending the series, a finale for Ahsoka, and the new characters he created. Here is an excerpt from that interview that deals with the much sought after “Bonus Content”. Read the full interview here. So, there is more Clone Wars to come with the bonus episodes. I know you can’t talk about some things, but what can you tell us about them?

Dave Filoni: “The finished episodes were the ones that were already pretty far down the track in terms of production. They were very near completion.

When you look at level of importance to wrap things up for fans, I think that two story arcs that fans will get to see are really, really important for the overall Clone Wars story. So I’m very glad that fans will get to see them in their completed form.

It’s not like all of the bonus material that comes out was planned on really answering things for fans. It’s more, “This is where we were headed,” and the Yoda story arc [announced on Twitter] definitely gives a sense of closure. One of the story arcs, which is very short, is not essential to the overall story but it is a nice final showcase for one of the prequel characters.

The stories coming out definitely will cause a lot of debate and discussion among fans, which is what good Star Wars stories always do, and I look forward to talking about the stories with them when the time is right.

And when George and I get together, when I go have lunch with him, he and I still talk about [The Clone Wars]. We talk about things, and it’s just good to discuss because you never know with Star Wars. I never thought in my lifetime there would be a [Star Wars: Episode] VII, VIII, and IX, and here they come. So it’s just good to keep talking about these things and figure out as much about them as possible, because who knows. I could be a very old man and some kid that was raised on Clone Wars will want to continue the story, so I better know that story when they come for it”.

In further news, the Star Wars Tumblr page released another concept piece to the fans. 


The shadow of the Empire is cast on a major city on Lothal in this previously unseen concept art by Andre Kirk from the upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels”.

The Star Wars Universe is very much alive and the next two years are going to be where the fun starts.

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