Denzel Washington for Green Lantern? (

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Sunday, December 29, 2013
Source: Nuke The Fridge

A rumor has broken out that Denzel Washington (Training Day) was under consideration for the role of Lex Luthor in the Man of Steel sequel. Nuke the Fridge is exclusively reporting that this rumor is actually misinterpreted and Washington is actually be considered for a different role. That role in Superman vs Batman (or Batman vs. Superman) is that of John Stewart a Green Lantern. Now this is just a rumor, of course, and has not been confirmed by DC Comics or its parent Warner Brothers. 

“Nuke the Fridge” (see site here) is not the most reliable site on the web. However, this does bring up a few interesting possibilities. The first of which is that Warner Brothers is over crowding the Man of Steel sequel. We already have three members of the Justice League in the film and now a fourth? On a better note, this would mean a second chance for the Green Lantern character on the big screen. Granted it is not Hal Jordan, but does anyone want to se a sequel with Ryan Reynolds? No. We also have to ask why Denzel Washington? Why not a younger actor? 

I for one, would all be for a John Stewart/ Green Lantern appearance or stand alone film. Warner Brothers proved the character had legs on the Justice League cartoon. Sound off below Maniacs, John Stewart, Yeah or Nay! 

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