Comicscape: Superman Sunday Pages 1943 - 1946 (

By:Tim Janson
Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber…all have been pop culture icons in the United States but none of them were as big as Superman.  In the 1940s Superman conquered America in virtually every form of media at that time.  He starred in multiple comic book titles, on the big screen in movie serials and animated shorts, on the radio, and also in the newspapers. It was the golden age for the newspaper industry.  In the era before television, the newspaper was how most Americans got their news and nearly everyone read them on a daily basis.  It was only natural that Superman should star in a comic strip in addition to regular comics.  The Superman comic strip debuted in 1939 and ran until 1966.  At its peak, the strip was in over 300 daily newspapers and 90 Sunday papers, with a readership of over 20 million.
The Sunday strips, of course, were in color and IDW has collected the Sunday strips from 1943 – 1946 in this gorgeous hardcover volume.  The strips were credited to Superman co-creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster although the pair did not actually produce these Sunday Strips.  It’s believed that Siegel, along with DC Editor Whitney Ellsworth wrote most of the stories while art being handled by Jack Burley in 1943 and then primarily by Wayne Boring and inker Stan Kaye until the 1960s although it’s likely that a lot of others assisted over the years.
The Sunday strips featured long and often surprisingly complex storylines.  This can be attributed to far more adults reading comic strips as opposed to comic books which were primarily read by kids.  The storylines would go on for weeks at a time.  The first story, from May 9, 1943, captures the essence of the World War II era as Superman has to foil an attempt by Nazi spies who have kidnapped a promising young American pilot.

A tale beginning in August 1943 is based on an actual letter received from a student air cadet who wishes Superman could whisk him home to see his family and friends.  This is exactly what Superman does in this two-part, “feel good” wartime story.  Another story has Superman assisting a young woman named Judy King try to decide which branch of the armed forces to join.  And in the end Superman has a message for all his readers that it doesn’t matter how they choose to help the country as long as they help in some way.
One of the most bizarre stories is from March 1945.  With tide turning against the Nazi forces, Adolf Hitler invites Superman to Berlin for a meeting.  These he finds Hitler and three of his henchmen all dressed in Superman costumes.  Hitler offers to rule the world with Superman if he will help them win the war.  I am guess this is the only time Hitler was in a Superman costume.

Most of the stories in the book all deal with Superman assisting in the war effort in some way and helping to boost the morale not only of service men and women but all Americans.  Once the war was over, the stories turned to other plots including a retelling of Superman’s origin.  If you’re a Golden Age Superman fan you really need to check this book out.  The tone is much more different than the comic books of the same era.  They are fun, complex, with a heavy dose of American Patriotism that we have not seen since.  The panels also look beautiful, probably even much better than they did 70 years ago when they were printed on news print. 

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