The Walking Dead: Still Review (

Review Date: Monday, March 03, 2014

Beth Greene stars in The Walking Dead: Quest for Booze, special appearance by Daryl Dixon.  Not sure what is going on with this show but apparently somebody decided that centering an episode on the most boring character was a good a day.  Guess what, it wasn’t.  We got another character driven episode that other than provide insight into Daryl was pretty pointless.  Let’s be real, nobody cares about Beth.

The first 10 minutes or so of this episode contains absolutely no dialogue.  It’s just Beth & Daryl hiding from zombies and setting up camp until Beth decides its time to get her drink on.  Yes, looking for alcohol is what drives this episode. Bob would be proud.

D&B’s quest for booze takes them to a run down country club.  From the bodies inside the club it seems there was a fight between the members of the club because we see a body with a sign that says “Rich Bitch”.  No clue as to what went down but educated guess says The Underhills got tired of picking up everyone’s tabs and murdered everybody.

Unfortunately for Beth, the only alcohol they find is peach schnapps.  Daryl definitely does the right thing by not letting Beth drink that cause that thing is nasty as hell.  He instead offers to take her to abandoned shack complete with its own moonshine.  Once at the shack Daryl tells Beth his dad had a shack like this, and he talks about how following Merle around was basically his main thing back in the pre-zombie world.  Beth don’t care about any of that though, she wants to get some moonshine in her so they decide to play the Never Ever Have I Ever.  If you thought this game would lead to Daryl unleashing his inner violator on Beth you was wrong.  By the way, how old is Beth, what’s the age limit during the zombie apocalypse, is it 18 or does it go to early teens like Game of Thrones?  Should Daryl and Beth be a thing or do we root for Daryl and Carol?  Why can’t Daryl get some ass on this show?

Anyway, the drinking game starts innocently enough until Beth throws a low blow about having never been to prison.  It bothers Daryl that Beth would think this of him so he goes off.  Angry drunk Daryl is no fun, he turns real mean real fast and goes at Beth with a bunch of never have I evers including one about Beth’s suicide attempt.  Argument ensues until we get to the real issue with Daryl, he’s been feeling guilty all along.  If only he could’ve done more, the prison would still be intact and Hershel alive.  Finally some honesty!  Beth and Daryl hug it out, set the shack on fire and continue their journey with no clue as to what their next step in.  

What a waste of an episode.  This last half of the season seems to be heading for a finale of everyone reaching Terminus but in the mean time they want to bore us out of our minds.

Mania Grade: D
Episode: Still (Season 4, Episode 12)
Starring: Norman Reedus, Emily Kinney
Written By: Angela Kang
Directed By: Julius Ramsay
Network: AMC
Studio: American Movie Classics (AMC), Circle of Confusion, Valhalla Motion Pictures