2 Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Lost Missions - Clips (Mania.com)

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Tuesday, March 04, 2014
Source: Star Wars.com

Star Wars.com has released a clip from this week’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Lost Missions premiere. The clip below is one that has been shown at Star Wars Celebration Europe II. Enjoy!
Press Release: In this special preview clip from "Voices" from Star Wars: The Clone Wars -- The Lost Missions, Yoda begins a secret quest with a little help from a friend.

As the clip opens, Yoda is in a medical chamber, prescribed bed rest. Visited by Anakin Skywalker, Yoda tells the young Jedi that he needs assistance with something. "Help me to escape," Yoda asks. When Anakin says that Yoda is not in prison, and thus does not need to escape, Yoda is not so sure. Seeing the guards in his room, Yoda says, "Already, all around us the cage may be. A journey I must make. Alone." Anakin warns that the Council will not like this, to which the 900-year-old Jedi says that that is why he needs his help -- it's Anakin's natural creativity and spontaneity that sets him apart.

Yoda and Anakin leave the room and meet up with Artoo in a nearby hangar. Anakin commands his droid to get Yoda to a starship and get him off Coruscant. When Mace Windu and other Jedi reach the hangar, they demand to know where Yoda is headed and what Anakin has done. "Hey," Anakin replies, "for once, none of this was my idea." Yoda reaches a hyperdrive docking ring in space, makes the jump to lightspeed, and is away on his journey.

Watch "Voices" and every episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Netflix beginning March 7, 2014.


UPDATED: USA Today had an exclusive clip that features both Fives and Captain Rex where they discover there might be virus affecting the Clones. Check it out below!



Here is the trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Lost Missions.