Patton Oswalt for Agents of SHIELD (

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Friday, March 21, 2014

Though he might not look a lot like his comic book counterpart, Patton Oswalt has been cast as Agent Koenig on Agents of S.H.I.L.E.D.. The long time stand up comedian and actor will play Nick Fury’s long time friend Agent Eric Koenig. Now he will be interoduced on the show, but his stance or longevity has not been revealed. The biggest question is, will Agent Koenig appear in the films? 

Who? Check out his bio here from the Marvel wiki: As a young man, Eric Koenig was a member of the Nazi Youth Group alongside his friend Wilheim Hauser. When Hitler came to power in 1935 they both joined the Wehrmacht, but in the 1939 invasion of Poland Eric began to doubt Hitler's leadership. Wilheim, however, was completely devoted to Hitler and the two men drifted apart.

Eric joined the Luftwaffe in Nazi Germany, but was transferred out of that service when he became an aide to Dr. Draus. Koenig came to resent how Draus treated him as a mere underling. Eric was attending Dr. Draus at an inn when Nick Fury was discovered in the inn and fought with German soldiers. Draus ordered Koenig to protect him but he was convinced by Fury to switch sides and come work for people who would appreciate his talents. Eric turned on Draus and he and Fury forced him to pilot a plane back to England where they placed Dr. Draus into custody and Koenig was introduced to Sam Sawyer. Eric then shared all of the intelligence he had with the Allies as part of his defection to their side (read the rest here). 


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