The Walking Dead: Us Review (

Review Date: Monday, March 24, 2014

This is it, the final episode before the season finale.  Coming off one of the best episodes of the season there was no way to go but down but it did manage to set up the pieces for the finale next week.  So here we go to the end of the line.

Abraham and crew are on their way to Terminus, and Eugene and Tara are having a conversation about what killed the dinosaurs and video games.  This mullet dude is sounds and looks creepy plus he got no game.  Talking video games will not get you a chic, ever and it certainly won’t turn a lesbian straight. Eugene is aware that Tara likes them girls (we find out later in the episode although they don’t mention how he knows, he must have a gaydar).  Abraham knows too but that was because he caught Tara checking Rosita out, so he knows not to waste his time there.  Can’t blame her, Rosita is hotness.

As Abraham’s crew follows the tracks to Terminus they spot Maggie’s sign to Glenn telling him to go to Terminus cause that’s where she, Bob, and Sasha are headed.  Armed with the knowledge that Maggie is still alive Glenn hauls ass to get to her, unfortunately the rest of the crew can’t keep up and decide to rest.  Unfortunately on their rest stop, Tara gets injured and can’t walk 100% but she’ll ride with Glenn until she can’t no more.  Guilt will do that to you.  Glenn and Abraham strike a deal, keep going until sundown and Glenn will give his riot gear to Eugene.  Since Abraham only cares about Eugene’s survival he agrees.  While they are on their way, they reach a dark tunnel emanating zombie sounds.  Abraham isn’t going to put Eugene’s life in danger and knows that Glenn won’t want to take the long way so they decide to part ways.  Abraham, Rosita & Eugene go back to their save the Eugene, save the world mission and Glenn & Tara continue on Operation Find Maggie.

Eugene got a trick up his sleeve though; he gives Rosita the wrong directions to Washington but the correct location to be near the end of the tunnel to pick up Glenn.  Eugene sure is trying not to get to Washington it seems.  While they wait for Glenn they spot Maggie, Sasha & Bob.  Having never met each other not sure how that conversation went but apparently they figure out Maggie is Maggie, and all six of them go rescue Glenn & Tara from some zombies inside the tunnel.   Then reunion time for Glenn & Maggie, yay!  Score one for something good happening on this show.

With all eight of them united, they all (except for Glenn & Maggie) decide to go to Washington DC with Abraham but once again Eugene stalls and says they should head to Terminus first.  Everyone agrees, since they had their own reasons (Sasha needs to see if Tyrese is there, Bob needs to find alcohol, etc.), and on their merry way to Terminus they go.

Meanwhile, the rest of the episode focused on Daryl running with Joe’s crew who may or may not be The Hunters. This crew has rules everyone must abide by in order to keep things relatively peaceful within the group.  The main one is that anything you want you have to yell “Claimed.” Aka “Dibs” for us in the non zombie world. Once you say “Claimed” everyone else has to step back from whatever it is you claimed, if you don’t step back you get beat down by the group.  The severity of the beat down depends on the offense.  Taking someone’s booze probably gets you just a regular beat down.  Setting up another member of the group by making it look like he’s not following the rules and lying when asked if that’s what you did gets you a beat down and an arrow to face.   Taking a member of the group out and letting him turn so he attacks the other members of the group and then running away gets you called “a piece of walking fecal matter” and a manhunt so they can end you.  Yes that’s right, we finally learn that Joe’s crew is hunting Rick down for what happened a few episodes back.  They were able to track Rick for awhile but then lost him, however they too spotted the Terminus sign so they figure that Rick is heading there meaning that’s where Joe’s crew is headed.    No indication yet if Joe is part of Terminus yet, although it can be assumed that they are.

Which brings us to Rick, Carl, and Michonne.  We haven’t seen Rick in a few weeks, last time he was hiding under a bed.  Poor guy doesn’t get much screen time here, just a small scene with Carl and Michonne walking along the train tracks.  This pretty much established that Joe’s group is not that far behind as we seen Joe’s group walk over a candy wrapper that Carl & Michonne had.  

Finally, after the second half of this season has been building to this, we hit Terminus although not all the characters have made it there yet.  There is something off about Terminus.  For a sanctuary to all that arrive it sure looks empty.  Where is everyone?  The group walk past the unlock gate and lower your weapons signs until they see a lady named Mary who will fix them a plate.  WTF?  You know Terminus ain’t up to no good.  Why did the group just walk in there without scouting the place first?  They’ve been through enough that they know they can’t trust anybody yet here they show up with no worries like lambs headed to a slaughter.

No sign of Carol & Tyrese this week, will they make it to Terminus for the finale?  Beth is also still MIA, is she in Terminus? What did you guys think of the episode?  As always, leave your thoughts on the comment section below.

Mania Grade: B-
Episode: Us (Season 4, Episode 15)
Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Michael Cudlitz, Danai Gurira
Written By: Nichole Beattie
Series Created by: Frank Darabont based on Robert Kirkman's Comic
Studio: American Movie Classics (AMC), Circle of Confusion, Valhalla Motion Pictures
Network: AMC