Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Only Light in the Darkness REVIEW (

By:Tim Janson
Review Date: Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Definitely have mixed feelings about this week’s episode of MAOS.  On one hand it was another reasonably good episode although not as good as the last two weeks.  On the other hand the two story lines both seemed rushed and left too many questions unanswered.

Ward has shown up at the secret base in Canada known as Providence.  He relates a mostly accurate story about how HYDRA infiltrated and took over The Fridge, release the prisoners held there, and stole the many powerful alien artifacts and high tech weapons.  He leaves out the bit about being a Hydra Agent of course but tells the team that he killed Agent Garrett.  Now I found it interesting and a little sloppy that no one seemed to question him about how he managed to make it to safety when the Fridge was taken over.

Coulson is immediately concerned about the escaped prisoners including one named Marcus Daniels who was the prisoner we saw briefly last week during the breakout.  Daniels is known in the Marvel Universe as the villain, Blackout.  Not the demon Blackout of the Ghost Rider comics but rather the member of Zemo’s Masters of Evil who can control the Darkforce.  He is one of several Marvel heroes or villains who use the Darkforce including Shroud and Darkhawk.  Coulson put Daniels away previously and leads most of the team, except for War, Skye, and May, in tracking him down again.

Coulson correctly determines that Daniels will go after a famous cellist, Audrey Nathan (Amy Acker) whom he had stalked previously.  However the team soon finds out that instead of trying to remove Blackout’s powers, they instead amplified them.  He displays the ability to project blasts of Darkforce as a concussive force.  After being defeated once, the team has to set a trap, using Audrey as bait, leading to the revelation that she and Coulson had been lovers with Audrey believing that Coulson was dead.

At the Providence Base, Koenig, who we now know is the grandson of the member of the Howling Commandos of the same name, submits the team to a high tech lie detector test and nearly catches Ward but the traitorous agent manages to use his true affection for Skye as a means to fool the machine.  Again, Ward gets off too easy here.  Despite Koenig being a bit of a flaky character he is perceptive.  I’d have rather him catch Ward outright in a lie and have Ward overpower Koenig.  Instead we get Ward apparently shooting Koenig in the back and killing him off camera.  

Skye discovers his body but doesn’t give it away.  With no choice and the rest of the team gone, Skye has to accompany Ward on the Bus as they leave the base.  In the final segment, May, who has left the team, is picked up by her mother who is apparently an intelligence agent as well.  They mention they are looking for Agent Maria Hill, last seen in the pilot episode.

Love the fact that they featured Blackout, a human character with actual super powers, as opposed to utilizing alien weaponry or high tech enhancements…hated the fact that the writers minimized him by making him a nutbag celebrity stalker.  And I know that Fitz cooked up some super techie weapons to help take Daniels down but it still looked like they were just shining stage lights at him.  

And damn it all…killing off Koenig after just two episodes is a huge disappointment.  Patton Oswalt had brought his quirky sense of humor to the role to give us one of the best new characters in the show.  One good chuckle was finding out that Skye had been given the name of “Mary Sue Poots” at the orphanage…suddenly Skye doesn’t sound so bad.

Mania Grade: B
Episode: The Only Light in the Darkness (Season 1, Episode 19)
Starring: Clark Gregg. Ming-Na Wen, Brett Dalton, Chloe Bennet, Elizabeth Henstridge, Bill Paxton, Patton Oswalt, Amy Acker
Written By: Monica Owusu-Breen
Directed By: Vincent Misiano
Network: ABC
Studio: Mutant Enemy, Marvel Television, ABC Studios