Ant-Man Villain Revealed? (

By:Robert T. Trate
Date: Thursday, June 19, 2014

We have some Ant-Man news and it has nothing to do with the behind-the-scenes debacle. JoBlo is reporting that the story beings with Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) pilfering the Ant-Man costume from Hank Pym (Michael Douglass) in upcoming film. The other major news is that we my have have our villain as well.
From JoBlo: “- The main villain's name is Darren Cross who, in the comics, runs Cross Technological Enterprises, a competitor company for Stark Industries and Oscorp. His cousin is the villain known as Crossfire. It's unknown if this role will be played by Patrick Wilson or Corey Stoll. He will have a suit with a similar feel to Ant-man's but more military style, yellow and black in color, and with a tendril-looking apparatus coming off it's back (like with Agent Venom). It's to note that in the comics Cross looks more like a pink Hulk, so there may well be some merging of attributes from other characters for this role or multiple villains at that (Yellowjacket, perhaps?)”.
Okay... so outside of JoBlo’s description, who the hell is Darren Cross? 
According to the Marvunapp (seen here): Darren Agonistes Cross first appeared in Marvel Premiere #48. Cross was a self made millionaire who owned a company that rivaled Tony Stark’s Stark Enterprises called: Cross Technological Enterprises. The similarities don’t stop there as Cross also had a heart condition and he used his technology to cure his ailments. Sadly, he did not become an Armored Avenger, no. Instead Cross became a pink version of the Hulk. Read his history in the link above. 
What do you think Maniacs? Anyone else remember Tim Blake Nelson as the Leader in The Incredible Hulk? Sorry if I unearthed an unpleasant memory. I hope we get something similar to the Yellowjacket as JoBlo reported on above. 

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Ant-Man is scheduled to arrive in theaters July 17th, 2014. 

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