Toy Review: Guardians of the Galaxy from Hasbro (

By:Robert T. Trate
Review Date: Thursday, July 31, 2014

It is a perfect blending of properties. We have characters with a rich comic book history. We have an incredible movie that will dazzle and mystify audiences. Finally, we have a line of toys that will help kids carry on the story of these Guardians of the Galaxy. The last two were very true of a little film called Star Wars. The comic and the comic book characters came much later. Much like that juggernaut of a toy and movie property, the Guardians of the Galaxy delivers. Hasbro was gracious enough to supply Mania with just a sampling of toys from the film.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Milano Starship
Price: $29.99 Ages: 4 and up
What is a Sci-Fi movie with without a kick-ass starship? Peter Quill’s starship delivers the cool factor as well as having a unique design. The vehicle itself has sound effects, lights and launching rockets. However, this isn’t your Millennium Falcon you had as a kid. Since Hasbro and Marvel made the main figures for this line in the 6-inch style, the ship and the price would have been enormous. The Milano Starship is perfect for the 2.5-inch scale figures. Included here is a more casual and mask-less Peter Quill. Hey, just put the ship in the background and use a little forced perspective imagination. If you need a new ship for desk this is the one. Sad that Hasbro did not include a stand for it. Mania Grade: A-
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Battle Gear 2-Pack Action Figure Assortment
Price: $5.99 Ages: 4 and up
As I just mentioned, these mini action figures compliment the Milano Starship perfectly. Thankfully, there are other starships in the line, Rocket Raccoon’s Warbird, or else the Milano would get a bit crowded. These figures are perfect for the traveling adventure and your best way to get characters not created in the 6-inch scale (more on that later). Every team of heroes needs a villain to fight and the 2.5-inch has the benefit of having Ronan and Korath. Mania Grade B+
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Action Mask
Price: $19.99 Ages: 4 and up
All right, if this film is the huge success that I think it will be, get used to this mask. Every kid from Los Angles to New York, come Halloween, will be knocking on your door wearing it. I say every kid because I couldn’t get the mask on my head. I love Hasbro’s Masks and have more than my fair share of Marvel and Star Wars characters. The eyebrows, ear, and mouth all move when the child behind the mask moves his/her mouth. Brilliant! You’ll probably see these at Disney World and Disneyland, too. Mania Grade: A+

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Quad Blaster
Price: $19.99 Ages: 4 and up
Who doesn’t need a reason to buy a NERF Blaster? Now you can pick up Star Lord’s Quad Blaster, with an expanding option that opens up to reveal all four cannons. If you are thinking about cosplaying as Peter Quill, a big chunk of your work is already done. Of course, you will need two of these. Previous NERF Blaster darts work with varying velocity. For the big kid and the little one, this Blaster is a what Sci-Fi toys are all about. Mania Grade: A+
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Big Blastin’ Rocket Raccoon Electronic Figure
Price: $29.99 Ages: 4 and up
Rocket will undoubtedly be the breakout character for Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel and Hasbro are gambling on that big time with this toy line as he is featured heavily in it. The Big Blastin’ Rocket Raccoon Electronic Figure is packed with movie phrases as well as lights from his gigantic gun. He doesn’t have much in articulation. This is not a figure you pose. He does, however, fire that gun and move about. Rocket’s tail keeps him balanced, so get that on quick. For the kids, this will thrill for a day or two. For an adult, he makes a great addition to your comic book shelf. Mania Grade: A

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Legends Infinite Series Action Figures
Price: $19.99 Ages: 4 and up
Marvel and Hasbro have had a great spring and summer. They kicked off April with the Captain America: The Winter Soldier line. They pounced on kids and collectors again with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 figures (see our Electro review here). Now we have the Guardians of the Galaxy Legends. In all honesty, the only two figures that I wanted in this line were Groot and Rocket. As it would happen, Groot is this line’s Build-A-Figure. Rocket comes with the all important pieces of the head and upper torso. I promised myself that if the movie was good, and I mean really good, I would hunt the rest of the Guardians down. Collector’s out there will know how tough it is to build one of these figures. I have tons of arms and legs for various Marvel characters. Thankfully, all of the figures are available at the HasbroToysShop. Mania Grade: A+
Final Thoughts
Hasbro and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy are a great collection of toys that has everything for the kids and the collectors. These toys have been sitting on the shelf for a little bit so already the Rocket Raccoons and Drax The Destroyers are tough to find. Check out the link above if you just want your toy hunt to be over with. I hope this film really does become Marvel’s next big thing. A Ronan figure should have been in wave 1. Imagine having Luke, Han, Leia, and Chewy and no Darth Vader. This film is a huge gamble. Hopefully, we will see Ronan, Yondu and Nebula join the 6-inch line when the film starts breaking records. 

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Mania Grade: A
Toy Producer: Hasbro
Toy Line: Guardians of the Galaxy
Suggested Retail: Various
Toy Series: Marvel Entertainment