CLOCKWORK to run again in England (

By:Steve Biodrowski
Date: Friday, December 10, 1999
Source: Daily Variety

Twenty-eight years after its debut, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE will finally receive a theatrical re-release in England. According to the Warner Bros., the film will return to theatres next spring.

Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece of futuristic ultra-violence raised its share of controversy when orignally released in 1971. In America, the film was rated X, and later recut slightly to earn an R. But in England, things got so hot that Kubrick eventually withdrew the film from circulation. Since then, the movie has never been officially re-released (although at least one theatre has presented an unauthorized screening).

The film has undergone a bit of a revival in recent years, having been restored to its original X-rated form for midnight screenings in America a year ago (the changes require minute attention to spot). Nevertheless, the ban remained in effect in England throughout Kubrick's life, although he had been reconsidering the issue before his death. Kubrick's long time executive producer, Jan Harlan, ultimately okayed the decision to re-release the film to English Theatres.