Roman Polanski Becomes Member of France's Academy of Fine Arts (

By:Steve Biodrowski
Date: Saturday, December 18, 1999

THE NINTH GATE, the new supernatural thriller from director Roman Polanski (ROSEMARY'S BABY), had been considered for a December 24th debut, but now Artisan Entertainment has decided to open the film on March 31, 2000, perhaps to give audiences time to forget the similarly satanically-themed END OF DAYS. The film stars Johnny Depp as Corso, a rare book finger whose services are engaged by Boris (Frank Langella), the owner of one of Europe's largest collection of demonic texts. Known for locating rare books for wealthy collectors, Corso is hired to obtain the last two volumes of a legendary manual of Satanic invocation. The twist, of course, is that the books turn out to be the real thing, and if Corso completes his job, he may be inadvertently helping to open the Ninth Gate of Hell.

Meanwhile, on December 15, Polanski became a lifelong member of the Academy of Fine Arts in France. The star-studded ceremony was attended by Marcel Marceau, Catherine Deneuve, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Peter Ustinov, who said that Polasnki's films had earned him a place of immortality within the Academy. The director's other genre films include such classics as REPULSION (with Deneuve), THE TENANT, and DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES (a.k.a THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS).