Bond Breaks $100-Million Mark (

By:Steve Biodrowski
Date: Tuesday, December 21, 1999

After taking in $4.10-million this weekend, THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH has now reached a cumulative domestic gross of $105.35-million, making it the third highest grossing film in the James Bond series, behind GOLDENEYE and TOMORROW NEVER DIES. (Keep in mind, of course, that tickets cost a lot less when THUNDERBALL was released.)

The rest of the holiday box office was dominated by science fiction, fantasy, and horror films, although the numbers often fell short of Monday's estimates. Listed below are the genre films that ranked on this weekend's box office chart. The weekend take, given in millions, is followed by the cume to date:

Stuart Little (1) $15.01/$15.01
The Green Mile (2) 12.77/36.67
Toy Story 2 (3) 12.13/156.35
Bicentennial Man (5) 8.23/8.23
The World is Not Enough (7) 4.10/105.35
End of Days (8) 3.04/57.90
Sleepy Hollow (9) 3.02/85.92
The Bone Collector (10) .979/62.41
Being John Malkovich (12) .751/16.49
Dogma (12).711/27.68
Pokemon: The First Movie (13) .537/83.13
American Beauty (14) .527/69.30
The Sixth Sense .491/275.18
House on Haunted Hill (18) .302/39.87
Fight Club .137/36.19
The Omega Code (29) .133/12.36
T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous .112/26.69
Princess Mononoke (34) .096/2.30
Siegfried and Roy: The magic Box (41) .072/1.77
The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (53) .043/14.13
Stir of Echoes (58) .033/21.07