Happy New Year! (Mania.com)

By:Steve Biodrowski
Date: Saturday, January 01, 2000

Happy Y2K, Web Browsers!

Notice: we did not say 'Happy New Millennium.' When you count to ten, you don't start at zero, go to nine, and then start over again at ten; you start at one and go to ten, then start over at eleven. The same holds true when you count to one hundred or one thousand or two thousand. The First Millennium consisted of the years 1 through 1000. The second millennium consists of the years 1001 through 2000. The Third Millennium will begin with the year 2001, hence the title of Stanley Kubrick's science fiction masterpiece 2001: A SPACE ODESSEY.

Of course, the overwhelming popular belief that this is indeed the New Millennium renders our attention to detail a form of stubborn pedantry. (My car insurance company officially changed its name to 21st Century over the weekend; I'm thinking about canceling. At least 20th Century Fox is holding fastso far.) However, being fanatics ourselves, we share the same attention to trivia that characterizes Trekkers who memorize the specs for the U.S.S. Enterprise; therefore, we will continue to insist, for whatever good it does, that the New Millennium will not start until next year.

This is why we resisted the obvious temptation to call FANTASIA 2000 the first film of the New Millennium (you know Disney is just dying for that appellation). This is also why we've been a little slow about rolling out any 'Best of the Millennium' lists; besides, since media like film, television, CD, LD, and DVD have been around a century or less, it's a little bit ridiculous to pick the 'Best of the Last 1000 Years.' Nevertheless, we do understand the impulse that leads people to look back on the past when a big rollover occurs; something about those three zeroes in '2000' makes it seem appropriate to assess where we've been and where we're going, and this is all the more true of a site like Fandom, where science fiction and speculation are hallmarks.

Because of this, we will very shortly begin a list of the 100 Best Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films of All Time. Following that, we will take a similar look at Television and Literature, along with an assessment of the most important and influential people ever to work in the genre. Before we can get to this, however, we have to run through the traditional 'Best of Last Year' lists for film, video, soundtracks, and television, which is what you will be finding on our site throughout the rest of the week.

After that, we will be launching into what should be an exciting year. Besides the aforementioned articles, we will be expanding our coverage to be more international in scope. We will continue updating our site on a daily basis with news, features, interviews, and reviews, and the extent of our coverage will be increasing. We will be bringing your more exclusives, and we will be bringing them to you first, well ahead of any rival outlets. One of our new features will be a semi-regular column on the 'Days of Future Passed,' in which we will examine films set in a future that has come and gone; we will kick this column off on Saturday with a look at the film whose photo graces the top of this editorial: STRANGE DAYS, which attempted to portray dramatic events that were supposed to occur as the 'Big 2K' rolled around.

There has never been a comprehensive site like this, devoted to Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror entertainment in all its myriad forms. We think this left a great unsatisfied need on the part of fans, and our goal is to do the best possible job at filling this vacuum. We believe we have made a strong beginning, but A.D. 2000 will be the year that this dream becomes a reality. Let's face it: the future belongs to us. If ever there were any doubt, it should have been silenced when Jay Leno launched the New Year's celebration at the Hollywood sign by grasping a prop laboratory lever borrowed from Universal's FRANKENSTEIN and crying out in his best James Doohan impersonation, 'Captain, I canna' do it.' There, in one deft (albeit unintended) masterstroke, the talk show host conflated the worlds of horror and science fiction, of the dark and scary past and the bright and hopeful futureof all the imaginative realms that we at Fandom celebrate, and will continue to celebrate, as we approach the true dawn of the Next Millennium.