No King Size Box Office for Genre Films (

By:Steve Biodrowski
Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2000

The genre's only debut on the three-day Martin Luther King weekend, SUPERNOVA, was the victim of bad pre-release publicity, but holdovers STUART LITTLE, THE GREEN MILE, and GALAXY QUEST are showing some stamina. With Monday's totals added in, all films ended up well ahead of their Friday-to-Saturday estimates, of course, but their rankings remained fairly consistent.

The Number One position was taken by New Line's comedy NEXT FRIDAY, but STUART LITTLE took runner up, with $12.52-million. In fifth was THE GREEN MILE with $8.84-million. Next was GALAXY QUEST with $8.54-million; although the film has never ranked higher than the fifth position, it's earnings have been fairly consisten from week to week, with only marginal drop off. SUPERNOVA landed in eighth place with $6.7-million. In the Number Nine position, TOY STORY 2 was the only other genre film to land in the Top Ten, with $6.63-million.

Box office rankings for the weekend's science fiction, fantasy, and horror films are listed below. Earnings are given in millions of dollars:

Stuart Little (2) $12.52/109.63
The Green Mile (5) 8.84/102.84
Galaxy Quest (6) 8.54/48.76
Supernova (8) 6.73/6.73
Toy Story 2 (9) 6.63/227.62
Bicentennial Man (11) 4.27/52.43
Fantasia 2000 (15) 3.14/11.10
The World Is Not Enough (19) 1.23/122.65
Sleepy Hollow (20) .868/95.95
American Beauty (22) .598/72.75
Being Jon Malkovich (24) .509/19.74
Pokemon: The First Movie (25) .492/84.80
The Sixth Sense (27) .415/277.40
End of Days (29) .392/65.23
The Bone Collector (30) .351/64.82
Dogma (32) .210/29.71
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (41) .110/430.90
House on Haunted Hill (42) .106/40.85
Fight Club (49) .068/36.86
T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous (56) .050/27.27