Arnold Schwarzegger Discusses Upcoming Projects (

By:Craig D. Reid
Date: Friday, April 14, 2000

Hold on to your hats people: I just got back from a 2-day trip to Canada, hanging out on the set of Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest sci-fi thriller THE SIXTH DAY, which co-stars Robert Duvall and Michael Rooker. In the film, produced by ROBOCOP's Jon Davison, TOMORROW NEVER DIES-director Roger Spottiswoode (working from a script by Andrew Marlowe, Daniel Petrie, John Sayles and Cormac & Marianne Wibberley) creates a world in the very near future when cloning animals is legal but cloning Arnold is not; in fact, it's a very big mistake.

Furthermore, in a rare breach of his own cinematic etiquette, Arnold shares with us a bit about his upcoming films. In that patented, deadpan voice, he drawls, 'We're still working on THE CRUSADE with Paul Verhoeven for within the next year from now; then I'm doing COLLATERAL DAMAGE with Andy Davis in June, and of course James Cameron is now writing TRUE LIES 2. DOC SAVAGE is being written as we speak, and I have not been approached on TERMINATOR 3there is no script, no financing or anything.'

And for those who came in late, Arnold succinctly and growlingly answers once and for all the question of whether a brilliant script could lure him back to TERMINATOR 3 without James Cameron at the helm: 'No, I'm only interested if James Cameron directs it.' Linda Hamilton recently said the same thing.