TITANS tops field, but Horror remains strong for Halloween. (Mania.com)

By:Steve Biodrowski
Date: Tuesday, October 03, 2000

Typically, Tuesday's final box office figures fell just short of Monday's studio estimates, but there were no big surprises. Remember the Titans was well out in front with $20.91-million, followed by The Exorcist in 2nd place. The horror classic took in $7.21-million, raising its re-release total to $17.67-million and thus surpassing last week's #1 film, Urban Legends: Final Cut, which fell to 4th place with a weekend take of $4.41-million and a total of $14.68-million. The only other genre film to hold a place in the Top Ten was What Lies Beneath, which took 9th place with $1.64-million, bringing its cume to $150.60-million.

Landing just below the Top Ten was Space Cowboys, which took 11th place with $1.40-million (less than $7,000 behind the 10th-ranked Beautiful); that brought the film's total up to $86.98-million. The only other genre film to earn over $1-million during the weekend was The Cell, which took 13th place, adding $1.04-million to its cume of $59.08-million.

Below are the final box office figures for the weekend.

U.S. Box Office Finals 9/29 to 10/01/2000
1.Remember the Titans $20.91-million/$20.91-million
2.The Exorcist$7.21-million/$17.67-million
3.Almost Famous $5.57-million/$17.83-million
4. Urban Legends: Final Cut$4.41-million/$14.68-million
5. Bring It On$3.01-million/$59.70-million
6. The Watcher$2.28-million/$26.01-million
7.Nurse Betty$2.07-million/$21.00-million
8.Bait $1.73-million/$13.24-million
9. What Lies Beneath $1.64-million/$150.60-million
11.Space Cowboys$1.403-million/$86.96-million
14.Scary Movie$817-thousand/$154.86-million
17.The Nutty Professor 2$678-thousand/$120.83-million
22.Highlander: Endgame$285-thousand/$12.47-million
32.Chicken Run $201-thousand/$105.54-million
36.Hollow Man$176-thousand/$72.71-million
38.Bless the Child $144-thousand/$28.84-million
40.Mission Impossible II$113-thousand/$215.25-million
44.T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous $84-thousand/$34.60-million
45.Cirque du Soleil Journey of Man$81-thousand/$7.05-million
50.Pokemon 2000 $64-thousand/$43.70-million
53.Alien Adventure $55-thousand/$3.00-million
56.Godzilla 2000$43-thousand/$9.79-million
57.Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle $43-thousand/$26.00-million
59.Siegfried and Roy: The Magic Box$34-thousand/$5.02-million