May 2001 Simpsons Action Figure Preview (

By:John Fiedler
Date: Thursday, December 07, 2000
Source: ToyFare Magazine

The amazing people over at ToyFare magazine have dedicated a large section of their magazine for February 2001 to covering 'The Simpsons' and the popular action figures. The action figures to be released in May 2001 are the Comic Book Guy, Ralph Wiggum, Casual Homer, Lenny, Groundskeeper Willie, Itchy & Scratchy, Patty, Pin Pal Apu and Kent Brockman.

The magazine tells us that the second wave of Simpsons action figures in the year 2001 will be Captain Pete McAllister, Martin Prince, Sideshow Mel, Bumblebee Man, Bartman, Reverend Lovejoy (w/ church playset) and Jimbo Jones (with Springfield Arcade playset).

In the issue is also an article discussing how the people over at Playmates Toys pick out what characters will be coming out next. The article also states that we can expect to see some guest stars possibly coming out as action figures. However, they do state that Playmates tried to allow Bette Midler and Johnny Carson to create action figures of them, however they denied.

Lastly, the issue also names the 'Greatest Toys of 2000' and it named the Simpsons action figures as the 'Best Toy Line' and also 'Best Action Figure'.

Pick up an issue of the magazine folks -- it's the February 2001 one. It's filled with great Simpsons stuff this month for you to sink your teeth into.