By:Dan Cziraky
Date: Saturday, June 09, 2001

This ultra-low budget remnant from the early '60s was never intended to be more than drive-in fodder so the filmmakers could turn a quick buck, but they somehow ended up crafting a genuine horror classic. Creepy in the truest sense of the word, educational filmmaker Herk Harvey's film was shot on locations in Salt Lake City for the outdoor carnival sequences that are both gorgeous and chilling. Stage actress Candace Hilligoss is the ethereal beauty Mary Henry, a church organist who has bizarre, haunting visions after surviving a car wreck. The visions include a frightening spectre who beckons to her from 'the other side' (director Harvey in ghoulish make-up), and an eerie pavillion with ghostly dancers. The film languished in obscurity for years, then was revived and restored in the late '80s, finally earning Harvey and his cast the accolades they deserved. A 1998 remake, produced by SCREAM-meister Wes Craven, proved to be a true cinematic abomination!