Loeb Named Executive Producer on BUFFY Animated Series (Mania.com)

By:Eric Moro
Date: Thursday, June 14, 2001

In a move that has sparked a collective sigh of relief from genre fans the world over, comic book scribe Jeph Loeb (SUPERMAN, FANTASTIC FOUR, DAREDEVIL: YELLOW) has been tapped to executive produce the recently announced BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER animated series. Hailing from a film production background, Loeb a self-proclaimed fan of the live action series has most recently worked in the field of animation, bringing to life Maurice Sendak's SEVEN LITTLE MONSTERS for Saturday morning television.

His 'Year One' approach to comic book storytelling (BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN and SUPERMAN FOR ALL SEASONS) not only garnered him the respect of BUFFY creator (and well-known comic book enthusiast) Joss Whedon, but it also made him a shoe-in for a job with the cartoon spin-off (the series is set to take place in Buffy's early years).

'We're at that level of developing the scripts and developing the bible,' says Loeb. 'We haven't gotten yet to the design stage or the animation stage because that's just not the way things work in animation. You need to get your material down and locked before you get on to the next level. We have people in mind; it's premature to discuss that. So all we can say is that what we're looking at is of the level and quality of [the BATMAN animated series].'

However, the executive producer does revealthat the project has found a home, a potential launch date, and a very distinctive look that animation fans will quickly recognize.

'It wasn't as much a problem of where to take it as much as it was where not to take it,' says Loeb. 'Joss had a very clear idea in mind as to the type of creative environment he wanted, and we found it right out of the gate. We're set up at Fox, and this will be a Fox Kids show. It's a Fox Television show that's actually going to air on Fox, unlike what's been going on with the WB and the UPN. We could be on as early as February 2002; it's more than likely we will be on in the fall of 2002. We're targeting a Saturday morning slot that will then fill in on the afternoon the same way that BATMAN did.'

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