Weekend Results for June 22-24 (Mania.com)

By:Steve Biodrowski
Date: Tuesday, June 26, 2001

When the exhaust fumes cleared, it wasn't even much of a race at the box office this weekend. Universal's debut of THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS sped well ahead of the competition, beating the runner up by a good $15-million. The facing thriller won $40.09-million in 2,628 engagements, just running slightly short of yesterday's estimates. Curiously, the film has polarized our web browsers. On a poll currently running had just over 100 responses as of this morning. Of that, 38% loves the film and 41% hated it, with the rest falling somewhere in between.

In 2nd place was Fox's DR. DOLITTLE 2, also making its debut this weekend. The comedy-fantasy managed $25.04-million in 3,049 engagements, also short of Monday's estimates. Last week's winner, LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER fell to 3rd place with $19.79-million; that gave the videogame adaptation a two-week total of $83.82-million. In 4th place, Disney's ATLANTIS is turning out to be no SHREK. Down two notches from last week, the animated fantasy earned a decent $12.59-million, but with $43.69-million after two weekends, the film has a way to go before it reaches blockbuster status. Speaking of SHREK, the DreamWorks computer-generated film also dropped a couple notches in the Top Ten chart, landing in 5th place with $10.41-million. Its total stands at a whopping $215.23-million, making it one of the few animated films ever to break the $200-million mark.

Moving down to the bottom half of the Top Ten, Warner Brothers' SWORDFISH sank from 4th to 6th place with $7.72-million, raising its total to $53.23-millionbetter than star John Travolta's previous big screen opus BATTLEFIELD EARTH but still well short of his typical '90s box office results. Buena Vista's PEARL HARBOR descended from 5th to 7th place with $6.82-million, raising its cume to $171.89-million. That's not bad box office, but with the film's huge negative cost, it's not that profitable, either. The Fox musical MOULIN ROUGE remained in 8th place for the second weekend in a row, this time with $3.84-million; its total stands at $43.42-million. DreamWorks' EVOLUTION devolved three slots, from 6th place last week to 9th place this week. The sci-fi comedy earned $3.60-million, for a lowly three-week total of $32.60-million. Finally, Sony's THE ANIMAL sprang from 7th to 10th place, earning $3.00-million, raising its four-week cume to $51.33-million.

Two other films managed to earn over $1-million, even though they didn't place in the Top Ten. Universal's THE MUMMY RETURNS was in 11th place with $1.57-million. With a total of $196.21-million the film should manage to be the second of the summer to pass the $200-million mark And MGM's WHAT'S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN? was in 12th place with $1.16-million; the comedy's cume currently stands at $30.28-million.