A new origin for Wolvie? (Mania.com)

By:Eric Moro
Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2001

With the announcement of a new "Weapon X" story arc set for ULTIMATE X-MEN #7, concerns as to the "true" origin of fan favorite Wolverine are surfacing yet again. After all, Marvel Comics has already publicized that the character's definitive origin will be explored in an upcoming mini-series from writer Paul Jenkins and artist Andy Kubert. However, with this mini-series, a trade paperback re-release of the Barry Windsor-Smith WEAPON X, and the "Return to Weapon X" story arc set for the ULTIMATE line, the odds for a Weapon X "Return to Convolution" are pretty high.

"I think we're looking much more toward excitement and invigoration than we are confusion," says Marvel Comics President Bill Jemas. "There's nothing confusing inherently about any of these stories they're perfectly clear. There is a consistency with respect to the character and an interesting exploration of the origin."

Continuing his defense of the concurrent Wolverine projects, Jemas likened the upcoming releases to early discussions the publisher had regarding the ULTIMATE universe.

"It's almost the same intellectual discussion we had with the introduction of the ULTIMATE universe," says Jemas. "What will the effect be from the fan point of view on the traditional X-Universe? And the answer is pretty loud and clear. The X-books are all top five books in the comic book industry. If there was a worry, I think the fans are voting pretty clearly that as long as the content is strong, the issue about what is the truth in this fictional universe is not really an issue."