Titans Lost and Genes Found (Mania.com)

By:Arnold T. Blumberg
Date: Saturday, July 21, 2001
Source: Comic-Con International

Together and separately, they've written some of the most fondly remembered comics of the last thirty years, from SWAMP THING and TOMB OF DRACULA to TEEN TITANS and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Now, Marv Wolfman and Len Wein are about to embark on an entirely new enterprise their first feature film project, GENE POOL.

It's a long way from their early days churning out ditto fanzines, but these lifelong friends have built an impressive career out of a love of good stories well told. They've also achieved a status that leaves them a bit bemused.

"I didn't know we were already referred to as legends," said Wolfman at a San Diego Comic-Con panel. "It's like, we're not around any more, but we're remembered fondly."

Their legendary status hasn't slowed them down one bit. During the course of a one-on-one panel (a concept that left both creators a bit stymied as to how to proceed), Wein and Wolfman discussed their beginnings as teenagers breaking into the comic book business and the path that led them through both major publishers (at that time) and even into the frontiers of television animation. Wolfman also elaborated on the never completed TITANS graphic novel written by Wolfman and illustrated by George Perez, a project that like many in the industry faded into the background and still lingers in the minds of fans and creators alike.

"George drew 80 pages of [an 120 page story] and hit an artist's block," said Wolfman. "He literally could not draw another picture of the Titans. Having been in a writer's block, I totally understand. He just hit a wall on it. I said, 'Let's get so and so to finish it up.' For reasons that have escaped me for fifteen years, DC just decided to write it off. I would love to finish it. It was the best Titans story we had ever come up with."

Although that project may be doomed to never see the light of day, for Wein and Wolfman, the future looks particularly bright. After decades of creating highly regarded comics, they have sold their very first feature film, and the convention attendees were some of the first to hear about their new take on superhero movies.

"It's a science-fiction superhero adventure," says Wolfman, "and it's a superhero movie unlike any you've seen in that it actually has a story and is driven by characters."

The production company behind the new ROLLERBALL remake, Helkon, is working with Wolfman and Wein on GENE POOL, and plans are to continue developing a script this summer.