CrossGen Announces Sojourn Collected Edition (

By:Arnold T. Blumberg
Date: Monday, July 30, 2001
Source: CrossGen Comics

It only just debuted as one of the latest in CrossGen's popular line of comics, but SOJOURN has experienced such demand from fans and retailers that CrossGen will be reprinting the sold out #1 issue in a 64 page special edition that also features material from the SOJOURN PREQUEL release. According to CrossGen's Director of Marketing and Distribution, James Breitbeil, the SOJOURN COLLECTED EDITION is just one more way for CrossGen to maintain its reputation as one of the industry's most retailer and consumer friendly companies.

"Interest in SOJOURN has been astronomical," says Breitbeil. "SOJOURN has become an incredible entry vehicle to our line for new readers, so we had to be sure we had something in the comic stores they could pick up."

While the special issue will feature no new material not already seen in SOJOURN issue #1 or the prequel, the Collected Edition will include everything from those first two releases. If it looks like CrossGen is deliberately trying to avoid producing the kind of variant edition frowned upon by wary fans, you're right.

"When we planned for this Collected Edition we were very conscious to avoid producing something that would be seen as a variant or a collectible issue," says Ian M. Feller, CrossGen's Director of Corporate Communications. "It has been our policy to not produce gimmick books and we will stand true to that. There was an opportunity for us to add new sketchbook pages, a new cover, and other goodies to entice people to pick this up, but specifically decided not to cheat our loyal fans by adding new material and making a collectible. We want to entice new readers to try what is becoming our most talked-about series."

This kind of admirable marketing approach, in addition to its flawless shipping record, has made CrossGen a force to be reckoned with in the industry. With more titles on the way and the promise of a cohesive underlying plot that unites all of their individual series, there's bound to be plenty more to report as CrossGen continues its second year as a comic book publisher.