MAX PAYNE Movie & TV Show? (

By:Frank Kurtz
Date: Thursday, August 09, 2001
Source: Hollywood Reporter

The popular PC game MAX PAYNE is being developed as a movie and/or TV series.

Collision Entertainment snagged the film and TV rights for the game, whose backstory is about a fugitive cop who has been framed by the mob. Revenge is also a part of the story, with Max's wife and kid having been killed by the Mafia.

While talking to the Hollywood Reporter, 3D Realms Entertainment big shot Scott Miller spoke of the deal, saying, "Everything was tailored for Max to hit the big time. Most developers and game publishers don't put a strong focus on characters like they should, but we took a different tack with Max. We feel that, with Collision's creativity and expertise, we have the next great movie anti-hero on our hands."
Sequel games are also said to be in the works.