By:Rob Allstetter
Date: Thursday, August 16, 2001

Since the announcement of ORIGIN, Marvel Comics' revealing of the true history of Wolverine, writer Paul Jenkins says he repeatedly gets asked the same question:

"How are you going to do the origin of Wolverine without destroying the character?"

Obviously, Jenkins thinks he has the answer in the six-issue mini-series.

"The problem with having somebody who continues to say, 'I don't know where I came from' is that after a certain amount of time, you've seen it so many times it loses its impact," Jenkins says.

"So what we're going to do, without telling the specifics of the story, by the time you get to the end of the story arc, Wolverine will have enough information about the aspects of his past that it will re-energize him on his quest to find out pieces of himself. Therefore, instead of breaking the character down, hopefully it redefines the character. This is a guy on the search for pieces of himself that he has lost."

While Marvel's Bill Jemas and Joe Quesada have been involved with the creation of ORIGIN, Jenkins says certain elements are clearly his own.

"What I insisted on was the ending of the series," Jenkins says. "The ending was what I wanted to keep, where he gets to at the end of the story. And they were gracious enough to let me keep that. It certainly has a lot of input from the editorial office and Joe Quesada and Bill Jemas as well. They have something that they really want to get it right, and they believe that if I do it the way I'm doing it right now, that gets it right."