FREEDOM's Crime Fighters (

By:James Stevenson and Troy Roberts
Date: Tuesday, September 25, 2001

FREEDOM FORCE is Electronic Arts' newest PC tactical role-playing game based on the comic book world that boasts a unique feature that allows players to create and customize their own superheroes. FREEDOM FORCE executive producer and creator Kevin Levine (THIEF: THE DARK PROJECT, SYSTEM SHOCK 2), who is also working on a modern-day retelling of Dante's INFERNO for the PlayStation 2 titled THE LOST, explains the original concept for FREEDOM FORCE comes from a slightly more mundane but no less important source.

"I grew up reading comics, watching the horrible SPIDER-MAN cartoon show on TV and trying to draw my own comics with HOW TO DRAW COMICS THE MARVEL WAY," says Levine. "I wasn't very good as an artist, but the 'I wanna make comics' bug stuck with me. After Irrational had some success in game development, it became clear that we might actually get a chance to make this pet project."

Certainly the most exciting aspect of the game is the chance for players to design their own heroes (already generated characters are provided for the lazier players). Levine knows that for many comic book fans, the opportunity to play God will be irresistible.