CreeD: UTOPIATE from Image (

By:Rob Allstetter
Date: Friday, October 05, 2001

Former WITCHBLADE writer Christina Z. is teaming with CreeD creator and GHOST RIDER artist Trent Kaniuga on CreeD: UTOPIATE, a four-issue series from Image Comics.

Here's how she describes the story project:

"CreeD is the dark, twisted tale of teenager, Mark Farely, whose sometimes denial of reality weaves itself deeply into a fantasy DreamWorld escaping the pain of life and more importantly, his terrible past! Here he becomes the mighty Creed, a stronger version of himself who takes on adventures of wild proportions! But what, exactly is the DreamWorld?

"The DreamWorld is an incredible place that was once simple, designed by Mark's mind, and in years has grown elaborate to the point of it becoming a living entity itself! Trees can talk, pink, bubbling rivers run plentiful and floating islands of land make this the ideal haven for anyone - the Perfect Escape.

"And yet, where there is new life, there is new danger. If the mind can conjure up such beautiful things - the imagination can open itself up to monstrosities that threaten to overcome the good. Typically, Mark in times of teenage boredom, jumps into his Dream World for moments of solace, musing and fun.

"But what happens when Mark, recently transferred to a new school as a result of his Dream Frog, C.J., turning into a huge dragon in Algebra class, finds a massive disturbance tearing through his DreamWorld and that it is caused by a fellow student, Lori, who also shares the terrible secret of a neglected child?

"And that this damage to his DreamWorld is via the manipulation of his new school's guidance counselor - a man who all the students love - but for Lori, a beautiful, over-developed teen, her encounter swith this man are anything but guiding! Mark learns this too as he unravels a terrible plot involving Lori's abusive, truck-driving father and a deal struck by the counselor to get her back into his clutches.  

"Can Mark settle the tsunami of his own DreamWorld caused by the fear and stress in Lori's mind and save her from the counselor's diabolical plan? Can he do this while being bombarded with the atrocious memories of his own haunting past all in a school week? Throw all of this into the mix of having to deal with the abusive counselor himself, school bullies, teenage hormones raging, muscles aching, and the evil trucker ready to take out anyone who gets between he and his daughter!"

The mini-series will begin in early January and will publish bi-monthly. Christina Z. says the story will also eventually be collected in a trade paperback.