Harlin Fired From THUNDER? (Mania.com)

By:Frank Kurtz
Date: Wednesday, December 05, 2001

Ray Bradbury has shed light on the situation that resulted in Renny Harlin departing from the A SOUND OF THUNDER movie project, resulting in Peter Hyams coming on board.

While talking to SCIFI.COM, Bradbury revealed, "He's been on the project for more than a year, and he's a fine director... But then, about four weeks ago, quite suddenly, [he said,] 'Why don't we take the butterfly out of SOUND OF THUNDER?' Can you believe that? When I heard it, I whooped with laughter. I said, 'Oh my God,... if you wanted to be accurate about being stupid, this was it.' So they fired him, and we've got a new director now."

The author adds, "I think that's hilarious, don't you? It's the center of the story. It's been published in 80 anthologies. It's in every school in the country. And if you took out the butterfly, you wouldn't have a film. So, in the middle of all this, the Crusader [Entertainment] producers sent me a huge bouquet of inflated butterflies, six feet tall, beautiful butterflies. And I'm having a recording made by Frank Sinatra of the song Poor Butterfly right now."

The original story is about a man who travels back in time to look upon dinosaurs, only to be ran off the safe designated path by one of them. There, he steps upon a butterfly, altering the entire timeline to come.

In the film to come, Pierce Brosnan will play a big game hunter who goes back to bag dinosaurs. Things go wrong when he's rushed by a T-rex.