2001 News In Review - July Movies (Mania.com)

By:Frank Kurtz
Date: Monday, January 07, 2002

July had big news throughout, especially on the franchise front.

The 10th STAR TREK feature film finally got a director. Rather than Jonathan Frakes, who looked to have a busy schedule anyway, the production signed on U.S. MARSHALS helmer Stuart Baird to direct what will likely be the last film in the franchise to feature the NEXT GENERATION cast.

At the same time, Paramount filed to register the trademark of STAR TREK: NEMESIS, a title that had been rumored for the project and confirmed by year's end.

In other franchise news, scribe Zak Penn revealed that he had been hired to write an X-MEN 2 script concurrently with David Hayter. Both men were writing scripts based on the same story elements provided by director Bryan Singer, with plans to combine both for a final draft.

And a good number of Hong Kong action cinema fans got their wish with word that Jackie Chan and Jet Li had signed an agreement with Revolution Studios that would bring the two stars together in one film.

July's top box office earner for the month was JURASSIC PARK III, which pulled in $124,824,290 in 10 days.