More on BATMAN coming to SMALLVILLE (

By:Christopher Allan Smith
Date: Thursday, January 31, 2002
Source: Wizard Magazine

In an interview carried in the new WIZARD magazine, SMALLVILLE co-creator Alfred Gough talked about his hopes to bring a young Bruce Wayne to the town where Clark Kent grew up.

"Within the SUPERMAN universe, we're clear to use those characters," Gough said. "And DC's been very supportive, but with other characters it's a creative and business decision... BATMAN has a whole 'nother licensing thing and ownership even though it's in the DC [Comics] world... I'd love to do a Batman episode. We're lobbying for it right now."

While Gough has not yet nailed down a script, he imagined the story could be a two-or-three-parter. He added, "I think at that age, Bruce Wayne would be very much the opposite of Clark. I think he'd be very brooding. He'd be at a point where he'd gone through some of his training... At that point, Bruce Wayne's life is much closer to Lex Luthor's than Clark's. I think it would be a fun relationship to play out and kind of turn on its ear."