MICRONAUTS making a comeback (Mania.com)

By:Christopher Allan Smith
Date: Friday, February 01, 2002
Source: Wizard Magazine

Devil's Due, the same crew that brought G.I. JOE back to comic stores this winter, has similar plans for the 1980s comics and toy line MICRONAUTS.

According to WIZARD magazine, Michael Golden, who originally penciled the Marvel-based MICRONAUTS, will be returning to the universe, but not necessarily the characters.

This odd little hitch stems from the fact that Devil's Due license of the comic does not allow them to use characters created for the original Marvel comic, but only the toy line. That means the backbone of the new bi-monthly series (which starts in April) will be all new characters. MICORNAUTS tells the story of five inch tall adventurers from another dimension and their fight with Baron Karza.