King's retirement greatly exaggerated? (

By:Christopher Allan Smith
Date: Thursday, February 14, 2002
Source: Entertainment Weekly

In response to the LOS ANGELES TIMES article a few weeks back which quoted him as retiring from writing in a year or two, Stephen King's publisher tried her best to shoot down the notion.

While talking to ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, Scribner publisher Susan Moldow said, "This story gets recycled all the time and I put no more credence in it now than the last time."

While that may be true, it might be her own author's credence she's questioning. It was, after all, King and not the TIMES reporter that made the retirement revelation.

"I don't want to finish up like Harold Robbins," King said, referring to the thriller author who wrote into his 80s.

King's next two books are already on the calendar. EVERYTHING'S EVENTUAL, a collection of short stories, hits the streets in March, while his new novel FROM A BUICK 8 will be released in the fall.