Stock in Bond (

By:Andrew Osmond
Date: Tuesday, August 06, 2002

"I've always been a Bond fan," says Lee Tamahori, self-styled "wife-beating director from New Zealand" (a joking reference to Tamahori's acclaimed drama ONCE WERE WARRIORS). But the helmsman of DIE ANOTHER DAY says he lost interest in the series for a while. "I got tired of Bond during the Roger Moore years, as a lot of us did, when it got a bit hokey. Timothy Dalton was OK, but it was when Pierce Brosnan came along that Bond got re-enlivened. GOLDENEYE revamped the character in a really fantastic way. Instead of a smooth, suave sophisticate, this was now a new MI6, SAS assassin-type Bond."

In GOLDENEYE, Judi Dench's M famously called Bond a "sexist misogynist dinosaur, a relic from the Cold War." But Tamahori leaps to the agent's defense.