Souls Man (

By:Arnold T. Blumberg
Date: Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Last year, two of the most macabre creative minds in genre entertainment joined forces to present an original line of collectible monster figures, CLIVE BARKER'S TORTURED SOULS. Following the success of that first release, Todd McFarlane (of McFarlane Toys and SPAWN fame) and, of course, Barker (HELLRAISER, BOOKS OF BLOOD) have racked their warped brains yet again. The two creators plan to debut a second wave of these original characters in October. Appropriately enough, when Halloween rolls around, we'll see CLIVE BARKER'S TORTURED SOULS 2: THE FALLEN figures on store shelves, and we can guarantee they will be creepy. After all, look who's making this stuff up!

"We did the first line, and we were a little conservative on what the reaction would be, mainly because most of the toys that are put out there are based on movies," says McFarlane. "There's usually some branding, and this one is just using Clive's name. Luckily there's a nice market out there for toys that go beyond what people are willing to put out in those other media."