Readers Offer a Landslide of Titles (

By:Chris Wyatt
Date: Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Recently Cinescape asked readers to do us a favor and suggest possible titles for the new mothly books column. Thanks to everyone who helped flood the inbox with an avalanche of wonderful suggestions.

The most popular suggestion by far was "Book 'em" or "Book 'em, Danno". Variations on the "Book 'em" theme comprised more than twenty individual entries. There was also a great deal of e-mail supporting the current name of the column, "Book Hoedown" strange as that might seem.

Because there were so many creative entries, it's hard for us to choose just one. We've listed eight of our favorite suggestions in a poll at the bottom of the book page.

Please help us decide which name is most worthy of being adopted as the official title of the book section's monthly column by casting your vote!