Del Rey Announces a Line of Books Based on the MAGE KNIGHT Universe (

By:Chris Wyatt
Date: Thursday, August 15, 2002

Random House's SF imprint Del Rey recently announced a partnership with WizKids, LLC to create a series of novels based on the highly popular MAGE KNIGHT role-playing game system. MAGE KNIGHT is an RPG that uses figurines with dials built into the bottoms to keep track of game play.

The MAGE KNIGHT concept has caused a collectables explosion, selling over 40 million figures in the first fourteen months. Del Rey has plans for at least six mass market paperback MAGE KNIGHT novels, three in 2003 and three in 2004.

Del Rey to create a line of MAGE KNIGHT novels.

The first book will be REBEL THUNDER by STARGATE tie-in novelist Bill McCay, the second will be DARK DEBTS by CHANGESPELL novelist Doranna Durgin.

Says Del Rey editor-in-chief Betsy Mitchell: "It's exciting to be joining [WizKids LLC founder] Jordan Weisman at the inception of his latest enterprise. He's a true innovator. His previous successes with BATTLETECH and SHADOWRUN show that he has a real understanding of what appeals to game players, and it's our intention to create the stories that will add to their enjoyment of the MAGE KNIGHT world."

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