Hugo Fulfills Gaiman's Childhood Dream (

By:Chris Wyatt
Date: Monday, September 02, 2002

Neil Gaiman, who took home the Best Novel Hugo last night for his book AMERICAN GODS, was beaming with joy while accepting the honor.

"When I was 14 there were three things that I wanted," explained Gaiman. "I wanted heat vision. I wanted to work up the nerve to ask the names of the twins that sat across from me on the train to school (three years sitting across from them and I never was able to ask)...and I wanted to win a Best Novel Hugo when I grew up. As my writing career started happening I realized that I was not becoming the kind of writer who would ever win the Hugo...but now I won. It's wonderful."

"Heat vision?" responded Hugo host, and bestselling author Tad Williams. "That's just plain crazy. Everyone knows the way to go is X-Ray vision!"

Gaiman's latest book, a children's novel called CORALINE, is already being warmly received by readers and critics.

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