Robert J. Sawyer to Host Sci-Fi Radio Show Pilot (

By:Chris Wyatt
Date: Tuesday, September 17, 2002

The pilot for a new Sci-Fi radio show, hosted by SF author extrodinare Robert J. Sawyer (author of HOMINIDS and ILLEGAL ALIEN) will appear on Canada's CBC radio next week. Canadian fans will be able to tune into the show directly, called FASTER THAN LIGHT on the air, but U.S. fans will have to hear the show as streaming content from the network's website:

The pilot will air TWICE on CBC Radio next week:

On CBC Radio One (99.1 FM in Toronto) Sunday evening, September 22, at 10:05 p.m. EST as part of "Sunday Showcase." Note: this broadcast will be in mono.

On CBC Radio Two (94.1 FM in Toronto) Monday evening, September 23, at 9:05 a.m. EST as part of "Monday Night Playhouse." Note: this broadcast will be in stereo.

The FASTER THAN LIGHT pilot will feature both a full-cast adaptation of Tom Godwin's classic SF story "The Cold Equations" and Part One of an original SF serial called "Captain's Away" written by Joe Mahoney. Sawyer will offer intros and extros to the fiction pieces as well as an editorial about the nature of science fiction and interviews with guest writers.

About the project, Sawyer states, "I had a blast working on this pilot, and really, really hope that the CBC will pick it up as a series."

If you like FASTER THAN LIGHT, and would like to see it picked up as a series, you can e-mail CBC Audience Relations at:

It might be a good idea to carbon copy CBC's Sunday Showcase at: .

Or you can call CBC Audience Relations at 416-205-3700.