Millionaire's New SOCK MONKEY out today (

By:Mike Whybark
Date: Wednesday, September 25, 2002
Source: Dark Horse Web site

Acclaimed cartoonist and illustrator Tony Millionaire's most recent book, SOCK MONKEY: THE GLASS DOOR KNOB, hits shelves today from Dark Horse Comics. The book features Millionaire's characters Sock Monkey and Mr. Crow as did a prior book, SOCK MONKEY: A CHILDREN'S BOOK. The characters are also featured in the Dark Horse comic book title SOCK MONKEY. Millionaire is also the author and artist of the syndicated alternative feature strip, DRINKY CROW. Millionaire's work is characterized by detailed, old-fashioned-seeming pen and ink drawings.

The plot of this book, which is intended for children, concerns the Sock Monkey's interest in and concern over a glass door knob as the seasons of the year change, shifting the lighting conditions within the house. The book is hardcover, 40 pages long, and priced at $14.95.

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