Williams, David Nominated. DOCTOR WHO is Back. Critical Notes. (Mania.com)

By:Chris Wyatt
Date: Friday, April 18, 2003

Thanks again, everyone for a week of interesting comments. Let's jump in...

Williams, David nominated

The first one of the week comes from Allan S in Long Beach, who responds to Travis Clarke's claim from last week that David Gemmell is "probably the best fantasy author alive."

Alan says, "I love Gemmell. He's way up there, but for my money Tad Williams' MEMORY, SORROW AND THORN books make him probably the best. I nearly didn't pick up the first one because it was so damn long, but a friend recommended it, so I did. And I'm glad I did. Ten pages in and I was hooked for the entire series."

Nancy from LA also has a suggestion. "I nominate Peter David as the best fantasy author alive. I know this may seem like a strange choice... but he's just so good. He's got a great sense of humor (see SIR APPROPOS OF NOTHING, and he's a cunning writer. I think that he doesn't get apreicated as much as he should because he built a name as a comic book writer, and so people don't think of comics as being very literary. But for me, I don't care where a writer comes from, I only care that the books are good. Anyway, thanks for letting me talk my head off. I could talk all day about Peter David."

What about the rest of you? What do you think of these suggestions? Who do you consider to be your choice for best living fantasy writer? Let us know at: CWyatt@cinescape.com.

DOCTOR WHO is back

Next up, let's move to a news item sure to please Whovians. This tidbit comes from Richard Salter, a reviewer for CINESCAPE ON-LINE...

"Good news for North American fans of DOCTOR WHO books. The BBC's website is reporting that BBC Worldwide has secured Diamond Book Distributors to bring tales of the Time Lord back to US and Canadian book stores for the first time in a year."

"Diamond Vice President of Purchasing, Bill Schanes, is quoted as saying, 'DOCTOR WHO has crossed the Atlantic for decades, thrilling North American audiences with its earnestness, innovation, and British tongue-in-cheek humor. We're glad to assure North American readers that they will continue to get their DOCTOR WHO 'fix' through the BBC's acclaimed series of novels.'"

"No word yet on exactly when the books will be returning, but titles dating back to May 2002 will be made available."

Thanks for that reporting, Richard.

Who fans out there... Are you excited for the new books? Is it about time? Or has it been so long that you've lost interest in Who fiction. Let us know your comments at: CWyatt@cinescape.com.

Critical Notes

The next comment comes from Brent King, who wanted to express dissatisfaction with a comment I made recently. For those just tuning in, it went like this. A few weeks ago a reader wrote in to complain that William Gibson's new books weren't as good as the older ones.

You can see those comments here.

In response to that comment, a second reader wrote, "You people are ungrateful morons. William Gibson made one of the greatest contributions to SF of the last half of the 20th century. He is an artist. You people are the problem, not Gibson."

You can see those comments here..

After printing this second comment I made the editorial statement, "You People? Who the hell are you people?"

My editorial comment upset Brent King who writes the following...

"Call me picky, but as a CINESCAPE subscriber for the last years and a frequent visitor to the site, the remark 'You people? Who the hell are you people?' to a reader's response to your article seems unprofessional."

"Indeed, it is a prime example of the drop in the quality of the magazine and website. This is the type of response I would expect to see on a web forum from an adolescent boy who had no control over his anger, not on a website that purports to be a professional journalistic medium."

"From this standpoint it looks like a pot-shoot made for the simple purpose of 'getting back' at someone who disagreed with you. If I wanted to read items like that, I would get my news and reviews from forums rather than a media news site."

"To stoop to an attack on the responder is a low form of net behavior and should have been above and beyond this site and this magazine."

Brent, I'm sorry you found my response so upsetting. Honestly, my comment wasn't made in anger. I was literally confused over who 'you people' was meant to refer to. Did he mean the SF reading public? Did he mean people who didn't like Gibson? Etc... But I can see how it might have been misinterpreted.

Thanks for reading Brent, and thanks for your comments. All comments (praise and criticism alike) are welcome. Send your comments to: CWyatt@cinescape.com.

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