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By:Troy Roberts
Date: Friday, July 25, 2003

Well, it's my birthday. Yup, yours truly is writing the newest Gamers' Thumb on his birthday instead of out celebrating the joyous event that is getting another year older. But one thing that birthdays do allow is the ability to think of all the things that you would love to receive on your birthday. Now, obviously, I can't request games for birthday presents (for one, I have enough to play anyway), but there are those games that aren't released yet that I would love to have.


I've been hooked on STAR WARS GALAXIES since the beta test and still love playing the game every day. But I am beginning to wonder how good WORLD OF WARCRAFT will be. Blizzard is behind it and I have no doubt that the game will be excellent, but I would love to get my hands on an early copy of that today.


Obviously, the third (well, fourth according to who you ask) game in the DOOM series looks to redefine the first-person shooter genre. The game looks awesome and just looks purely frightening. I've been drooling for the game since E3 of 2002.

HALO 2 - Xbox

Another FPS game, but in my opinion, HALO was one of the best FPS games ever, and the sequel should greatly improve on the best Xbox game released (well, I may have to change that according to the more I play KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC). Either way, HALO 2 will be very much awaited for.


Okay, it had to be on here, but obviously I love the SHENMUE series and if this is my birthday list of games I want, it has to go on here. After exploring Japan and Hong Kong in the first two games, its anyone's guess where the third game will take place, but all I know for sure is that I will be there.

Which brings me to the question of the week. If you could have a game today that wouldn't be released for a few months of a year, what game would it be and why? E-mail it to us Sorry, there is no Gamers' Speak section this week because we really didn't get any replies, so get those answers in for next week.


DOOM III will be playable at the annual QuakeCon next month in Dallas, Texas...The unveiling of the new Phantom system will be postponed due to the rescheduling of the Ultimate Gamers' Expo...Ubi Soft is developing a new game based on the CSI TV series...First quarter results show a decline in hardware and software sales for Sony...



MARIO GOLF for the GameCube. Hey, it's MARIO and gold mixed together, and the Nintendo 64 version was a ton of fun so you can't go wrong here.

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