Young Justice (

By:Eric Moro
Date: Tuesday, July 29, 2003

The Teen Titans DC Comics' crime-fighting team of junior superheroes have experienced a number of revamps throughout their storied career. There's the original 1964 team, which launched within the pages of BRAVE & THE BOLD #54 and consisted of only Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad (sidekicks to their adult namesakes). Then there's the team that most Gen Xers remember 1980's THE NEW TEEN TITANS from writer Marv Wolfman and penciler George Perez. The 21st century sees another incarnation still one inspired by the '80s, but brought to animated life by creators at the Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. Animation.

"I just felt like the TEEN TITANS was one of the properties left in the DC Universe that hadn't been turned into a cartoon yet, but really needed to be," says Sam Register, Cartoon Network's senior vice president for original animation. "I don't remember exactly what my attraction to the comic book was [as a kid], because I've gone back and read them and some of it doesn't quite hold up anymore since it's been 20 years. But it's still just great stuff."