Dyn-Anime-ic Duos (Mania.com)

By:Chris Wyatt
Date: Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Perhaps influenced by the Hollywood tradition of the buddy picture, Japanese anime characters often come in pairs. From Robotech's Rick Hunter and Lyn Minmei, to Speed Racer's Speed and Trixie, and all the way to Akira's Kanada and Kei, the duo has always been an important part of anime history. But of course, in anime, the pairings can be much more psychedelic like huge robots and schoolboys, or bathhouse spirits and lost children. Be they odd couple space cops or married cyborg-killers, here are some of today's best anime match-ups...

Best Assassin Duo: Mireille Bouquet and Kirka Yumura

From: Noir

Genre: Action

Current Adventure: Noir Vol#5: Terminal Velocity

How They Met: Mireille, while on the job as an assassin-for-hire, receives a cryptic communication that leads her to Kirka. Kirka is an amnesiac with incredible abilities as a marksman.