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By:Troy Roberts and James Stevenson
Date: Friday, April 23, 2004

There are so many online games coming out. HALO 2 looks spectacular, and the recent multiplayer screenshots released make my mouth water. MIDDLE EARTH ONLINE looks good, but because of the recent delay, it won't be out until next year so we've got a little longer to wait for that one. Of course, there are plenty of PC online games coming out this year: LINEAGE II and CITY OF HEROES are both out next week and are looking excellent, WORLD OF WARCRAFT will be out later this year, as well EVERQUEST II. But of course, I'm waiting for STAR WARS GALAXIES: JUMP TO LIGHTSPEED. I love the X-WING series, so considering the game looks a lot like that series brings me hope to my rekindled GALAXIES playtime. Too many online games, too little time. - TR

I suppose the easiest choice for console online game is HALO 2. I'm really excited to get my hands on the Master Chief's next adventure, this time set back on Earth. Another great looking online game is TRUE FANTASY LIVE ONLINE. I had a chance to get to spend some time

The first released screenshot of multiplayer action from HALO 2.

with it last E3 and thought it had a ton of potential. There is another MMORPG that has potential in MIDDLE-EARTH ONLINE, and THE MATRIX ONLINE has potential as well. I can't forget WORLD OF WARCRAFT and the new space expansion for GALAXIES, JUMP TO LIGHTSPEED. Will I spend a bunch of time with those MMORPGs? No, unfortunately, I don't have the time to play them all. I do actually have a life. Besides that, there is always the prospect of playing the next installment of NCAA FOOTBALL online against people with Nebraska's new West-Coast Offense. JS


As mentioned before, MIDDLE-EARTH ONLINE has been bumped back to a 2005 release...Eidos has announced BACKYARD WRESTLING 2...Capcom has announced VIEWTIFUL JOE 2...LucasArts has stated that the expansion to STAR WARS GALAXIES, JUMP TO LIGHTSPEED, will be released this fall...Nintendo has announced that it will release POKEMON "video paks" for the Game Boy Advance...



Create your own superhero and fight others in CITY OF HEROES.

of online games, CITY OF HEROES comes out this week. Everyone on the beta seems to be having a good time with it. There is also ONIMUSHA 3: DEMON SIEGE from Capcom, and a former Capcom game, RED DEAD REVOLVER. Not a bad week at all for console and PC gamers.

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