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By:James Stevenson and Troy Roberts
Date: Friday, April 30, 2004

This week, James and Troy are getting killed by finals, and James is busy making plans for the busy show of E3. So without going into anything too heavy, the duo is taking a peek at what has been sucking their gaming hours in.

I've been working on my dynasty in MVP BASEBALL 2004. I'm really addicted and I've cranked the difficulty up it's made the game more frustrating, but also more entertaining as well. I've also gotten into PSI-OPS: THE MINDGATE CONSPIRACY from Midway. It's a combination of stealth, action and mind-powers. Very cool game to play. I'm

A screenshot from RED DEAD REVOLVER.

also into SUDEKI right now, and I've been playing some of SHREK 2 (which is more fun than I thought it would it be). There is also NBA BALLERS, FIGHT NIGHT, ATHENS 2004, and I just got a copy of ONIMUSHA 3. SPLINTER CELL: PANDORA TOMORROW is a lot of fun on Xbox Live, I'll be playing much more in the summer. Lots of good times ahead. I'm looking forward to playing all of the new stuff at E3. - JS

Lately I really haven't had a ton of time for games. It's very unfortunate, considering it's my job and all, but it seems like there has just been too much going on. But when I have been able to sit down and enjoy few moments of gaming, I've been drawn into THE SUFFERING. For some reason, this game must have turned off a few people but it is a really good game, complete with action and things that will freak you out at 4 am. I've also been playing RALLISPORT CHALLENGE 2 and SUDEKI, both which come out a little ways down the road (actually, RALLISPORT is next week). Both are excellent games and I seriously wish I had the time to get into them a bit more. Oh yeah, and with the announcement of the expansion, my STAR WARS GALAXIES craze has reappeared. TR


Electronic Arts has confirmed games in development for the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP and will have four to six PSP games within the first three months of 2005... TRAIN SIMULATOR 2 has been cancelled... NARC has been delayed to 2005... ESPN NFL FOOTBALL 2005 will feature Maximum Tackle, in addition to Maximum Pass... METROID PRIME 2 is now known as METROID PRIME: ECHOES and will feature 4-player multiplay... Electronic Arts has announced LORD OF THE RINGS: THE THIRD AGE, a role-playing game set in the world of LORD OF THE RINGS shown in the New Line Cinema film trilogy...



Screenshot from PSI-OPS.

will be a nice week for gamers, with developers riding that wave of the pre-E3 craze. RED DEAD REVOLVER, which got pushed back at the last minute, will come out next week, along with RALLISPORT CHALLENGE 2 for the Xbox. SYPHON FILTER: OMEGA STRAIN will hit for the Playstation 2, as well as TRANSFORMERS and SAMURAI WARRIORS.

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