Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Fact or Fiction (

By:James Stevenson and Troy Roberts
Date: Friday, September 03, 2004

Welcome back to Gamers' Thumb and another edition of Fact or Fiction. While we don't plan on doing this every week, we wanted to examine the biggest games coming out in the not too distant future. As always, your comments and questions are appreciated at


Troy - FACT: Honestly, I didn't believe that VICE CITY could be better than GTA3 but I was way wrong on that one. SAN ANDREAS looks to add many new and interesting concepts to the series, and is obviously the best looking game yet. My brain tells me that most sequels run out of steam sooner or later, but my heart tells me that it won't with SAN ANDREAS.

James FACT: There is enough new stuff in the game to make it worthwhile. I still think the series could do a lot of things with its controls and some gameplay mechanisms. However, the new game elements like feeding yourself (thus getting fat or very skinny), robbing houses and swimming all help make this game better than VICE CITY and III. Will the new elements make the game? That remains to be seen.

FACT OR FICTION: GTA: SA will be the best selling game of the year.

Troy - FICTION: Sorry, my nod goes to HALO 2. No matter how hard any game tries, I don't think any can beat HALO 2 for most copies sold this year. HALO 2 is in a league of its own this year. Now, if you want to talk about overall numbers, not just for this year, then GTA: SAN ANDREAS has a really good shot at overtaking it there, especially if HALO 2 shows any fault in gameplay.

James FACT: I'm hedging my bet that with more PS2s in the world that this will outsell HALO 2. It very well might not. I can't decide how quickly Xbox users will adopt HALO 2 (instantly?) vs. how quickly PS2 users adopt SAN ANDREAS. That said, I'm looking forward to both, as I think most hardcore gamers are.

FACT OR FICTION: SAN ANDREAS will have a better soundtrack than VICE CITY.

Troy - FICTION: Sorry, I'm a huge 80s music lover so I can't go against VICE CITY. The seven CD soundtrack release of VICE CITY is


unparalleled for a video game, and although it is likely that SAN ANDREAS will have something similar, I just don't think that the music quality will be there like it was for VICE CITY.

James FICTION: I love my 80s tunes, and as sure as I am that the new soundtrack will be good, I think I'll probably listen more to the talk radio stations for a good while when I start the game. The 80s music still dominates though and I doubt SAN ANDREAS can top it.


Codemasters has cancelled DRAGON EMPIRES...the demo for the new MEDAL OF HONOR game, PACIFIC ASSAULT, was released on Friday...TEKKEN 5 will be in arcades next month...STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT has gone gold...CALL OF CTHULHU has been delayed until next year...Atari is bringing a new DUEL MASTERS game to the Playstation 2...

On Shelves

Finally we get into some weeks of great releases. First is BURNOUT 3 from EA and it looks phenomenal. Then you can play POKEMON FIRE RED and LEAF GREEN on the Game Boy Advance. SILENT HILL 4: THE ROOM fills your horror desires. Awesome set of games for gamers to play, all of them are worthy.


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