DS on the Horizon (Mania.com)

By:James Stevenson and Troy Roberts
Date: Friday, September 24, 2004

Nintendo recently announced that the Nintendo DS would be released on November 21 for a price of $149.99. To some gamers, the date is earlier than expected and the price much lower. James and Troy tackle this issue and discuss the system.

Personally, I was a bit surprised by the $150 price point. I had been anticipated Nintendo to announce a $175-180 price point, but I think the current price point is much more marketable. The fact that the DS comes with Pictochat enabled is a huge benefit - that software wouldn't sell seperately, but it should make a huge difference in the wireless functionality of the device. I also like the idea of packing in a demo to get the consumers hands on time with the wireless play. One interesting aspect of the new screens of METROID PRIME: HUNTERS is that the map is now on the bottom. It seems you may now direct yourself my pointing where you want to go on the map with the stylus. Very cool indeed. The one issue I saw might be battery life - any laptop user knows wireless is a little battery hog, and Nintendo's low estimate is six hours of battery life (max is ten). I imagine Nintendo's estimate is conservative, but that battery life might be a little short for a long road trip. The only other downer is that it won't play multiplayer modes on the Game Boy Advance games. I realize this would be a pain, but it would've been an incredible addition. All in all, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the Nintendo DS in November. JS

Honestly, I've been preaching $150 all along. Something about the DS told me that the system would obviously retail for more than the current price of the Game Boy Advance SP, but nowhere near $200, so $150 just made sense. The system looks incredible. While it may not stack up pound for pound with Sony's PSP, the system can hold its own. Especially if Sony releases the PSP with a much higher price point, which is expected. As James said, the battery life may leave something to be desired, considering how good the battery life is on the current SP models. I'm sure something will be done about this before release. And with games like SUPER MARIO 64, METROID PRIME: HUNTERS, ANIMAL CROSSING, and an upcoming SECRET OF MANA game, the DS looks like it will have a fair share of games to keep us occupied. Remember, Nintendo does portables best. -TR



EA has confirmed that TIGER WOODS and NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND games will be launched with the PSP...EA Sports will release its upcoming NBA LIVE 2005 a week early to compete with ESPN NBA 2K5, and will also be only $39.99...Sega of America has announced its intentions to bring over SHINING TEARS for the Playstation 2...The redesigned PS2 system will hit stores in early November for $149.99...


This week on shelves we have the wonderfully addictive DONKEY KONGA that comes with a pair of drums that gamers use to play pop hits as well as classic Nintendo songs. We've also got ROCKY: LEGENDS for the boxing fans who enjoyed the first game. Midway's RPG SHADOW HEARTS: COVENANT hits the PlayStation 2. Younger gamers will love SHARK TALE along with the movie of the same name. Definitely not a high-profile week, but plenty of solid games.

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